The exclusive collection is arriving: 36 unique works inaugurate the partnership between the pop artist and the Rainbow Group.

Marking the twentieth anniversary of Rainbow‘s animated brand that keeps on captivating young and YA audiences alike, the special collaboration with Italian-Swiss pop artist and former professional soccer player Boris Dondè-Mancastroppa has been announced among other unique initiatives to pay homage to the iconic fairies.

Dondè’s works, highly sought-after by VIPs, connoisseurs, and art lovers worldwide, will now be available through the new licensed partnership with Rainbow Group, the independent leading group based in Italy and operating in multi-target animated and live action content through Rainbow, Bardel Entertainment and Colorado Film. The partnership will result in 36 Winx-inspired paintings created by Boris Dondè using his signature “enrichment” technique, which incorporates gold dust and diamonds.

Boris Dondè-Mancastroppa is a Swiss/Italian pop artist exhibited around the globe, from Montecarlo to New York. He is known for his originality and ability to fuse pop elements and embellish them with raw materials of the highest value, offering a fresh and ultra-modern perspective to popular subjects.

“The fine art spirit we find in Boris Dondé’s works connects perfectly with the sweeping energy of the Winx, between vibrant colors and infinite possibilities. I love this collection and can’t wait for fans and collectors around the world to admire it,” comments Iginio Straffi.

Winx Club is Iginio Straffi’s globally acclaimed franchise launched in 2004 and grown into a lifestyle phenomenon, boasting countless animated series, a Netflix original live action in two seasons, live shows and a constantly growing licensing. The Italian creator recently announced a new animated chapter of the saga is due to release in 2025.

 “It was fantastic to work with Iginio Straffi’s fairies. Winx Club is really close to my art, and the energy of each fairy meets perfectly with all the materials I like using, such as crystals, which give a touch of true magic to all my works”, commented Boris Dondè.