Disney confirms the official title of Avatar 2, as well as confirming the release date of the new film set in Pandora. The second film of the acclaimed series will be called "Avatar: The Way of Water", this is the name

Acamar Films has been celebrating storytelling for World Book Day with Bing and all his fans in Italy. Bing stories portray authentic characters and relatable moments that help pre-schoolers to understand and recognise the multitude of emotions they experience each

Turbozaurs is a new animation show produced by Armenian animation studio Tale Wind. This is a fun-filled story about a dynamic and adventurous team of dinosaurs who have managed to survive in underground caves, have evolved and can now instantly

For the first time since the founding of Masha and the Bear, Animaccord has conducted a large-scale rebranding, releasing a new Core Guide that presents huge renovations: a new logo looks more elegant and modern; new corporate colours offer greater

The film "Sonic 2" was a blockbuster in the United States and achieved fantastic results around the world for a total of 141 million dollars in box office after just two weekends. In Italy, however, in its first weekend it grossed

“IO ALLA TUA ETA '”, a new animated series that takes advantage of time differences, directed by Mathieu Gouriou and co-produced by Mobo and Rai Ragazzi together with France Télévisions and Monello Productions, premiered every day on Rai Gulp. The protagonist