Atlantyca Entertainment is a transmedia company operating through its departments: Production & Distribution, Licensing, Publishing, Foreign Rights and Live. The company manages all the international editorial, animation and licensing rights of numerous properties, first of all, that of “Geronimo Stilton” and its franchises. Atlantyca is the producer of the 3 seasons of the animated series “Geronimo Stilton” which tells the adventures of the famous journalist mouse. He also launched the creepy sitcom “Bat Pat,” which tells how monsters and supernatural creatures aren’t always bad, but often just misunderstood. The Distribution department represents an ever-growing portfolio of children’s properties, which includes the ZDF Enterprises Junior Catalog for Italy, with successful series such as “School of Roars”. The Licensing department manages all the initiatives related to international licensing for different portfolio properties. Atlantyca Publishing designs and develops children’s books; the division made more than 400 books in 10 years. The Foreign Rights department, on the other hand, deals with the sale of translation rights for Geronimo’s books and another 1,700 titles, with over 6,800 active contracts and translations into 49 languages ​​and is an agent for well-known European publishing houses. Finally, Atlantyca Live is the division dedicated to the design, production and development of the live shows of Atlantyca’s properties.