Bonus offers a complete full service in the development and production of premiums, promotional items and children’s collectibles for the food industry, the mass consumption and retail.

Bonus promotional marketing strategies aim to increase the customer  loyalty and make the shopping experience a special moment, offering added value with differentiated promotional items.

Our articles are also sold in thousands of points of sale, in kiosks and in the most important retailers of the countries where we distribute.

In 2021, Bonus sold over 230 million units all over the world.

Our delivery times make Bonus the first choice for creating promotional and loyalty campaigns, as well as for distributing collectibles.

Our manufacturing facility in Toledo, a true gem and one of the top three companies in Europe in its sector, produces millions of products every day, and our office in Hong Kong controls the production processes of the items they produce in Asia.


ADDRESS ITALIAN OFFICE: Via C.Noè 43/A – Gallarate (VA), 21013
NAME: Stefano Lugaro – Country Manager Italy
CELLULAR: +39 3402268449