Code This Lab

ADDRESS:Via Don Luigi Sturzo 104/m, 80040, Volla (Na)

TELEPHONE:+39 340 073 3325 ;


The Creators at Code This Lab srl design and develop web games and digital solutions that seamlessly blend with the concept of advergaming, which involves branded video games integrated into communication strategies.

Their online games, accessible via mobile devices, serve as an open door to reach a wide audience. Not only do these games provide high engagement, but they also establish a strong bond between the brand/project and the players.

In addition to designing advergames that showcase products and brands, Code This Lab srl offers digital assets for phygital marketing and gamification processes. These solutions are utilized in both corporate settings and the edutainment field, where gaming meets educational and informative activities.

The gaming product is designed to cater to both IP owners who aim to consolidate their market presence and licensees who seek to captivate the audience and gain prominence for their new products.

Since its establishment in 2009, Code This Lab srl has become one of the leading Italian companies in the gaming industry.

With a catalog of over 300 ready-to-use games and a dedicated department for 3D modeling and pixel art, the company is focused on embracing the future and cultivating digital relationships.

In 2018, they introduced a new project called Vulcano Digital—a software solution that provides easy access to the backend of games. It allows for game management, dynamic modifications, and provides valuable data and statistics for project analysis.


  • Advergames and branded games
  • Gaming solutions for On Field Marketing and Phygital Marketing
  • Tools for Edutainment and Gamification activities
  • Business Digitalization, Management software development, and landing pages.