Dynit Srl – Gift & Premium

INDIRIZZO: Viale Della Repubblica, 36 Lissone (Mb)

EMAIL: infopromo@dynit.it

TELEFONO: +39 051 6020 911

SITO WEB: www.dynit.it


Dynit (www.dynit.it) was founded in 1995 in Bologna, quickly establishing itself as a leading company in the entertainment world for the localization of cartoons, comics, manga and later live movies throughout Italy.
Since 2007 it has diversified its activities by successfully entering the licensing (newsstand channel) with Dkidz branded collectibles and promotional channels: the new Dynit Gifts & Premium division was born, which deals with the conception, development and production of totally personalized gifts for on-pack, one-shot, collectible activities, based on the needs of the target, budget, market, provided by the customer.
A relationship therefore of close collaboration with the customer that starts from an idea, then passing through the production of a customized prototype up to the delivery of the finished product.
We create a unique and tailor-made product for the customer to help him promote his company, his business.