Lux Vide is an international tv production company, leader in the European market and the biggest in Italy for scripted titles. Part of Fremantle group, Lux Vide core businesses are the long running scripted tv series, with a huge portfolio of successful productions as Don Matteo, Doc, Blanca, I Hate Christmas, Sister Angela’s girls, Violet like the sea, beside great international titles as Devils, Medici, Leonardo, The Bible, Romeo and Juliet, Coco Chanel.

Since its foundation, Lux Vide has always looked to the television market with the ambition of those who want – and know – make the difference in terms of content depth and international scope of productions.
Over 1300 prime-time hours entered the homes and the hearts of million people distributed by the most important broadcasters in Italy and abroad: Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Netflix, The CW, Amazon Prime Video.

Lux Vide contents are entirely produced in-house, starting from the concept and the screenwriting, till the post-production. Owner of the largest studios in the Italian market, the company aim is to achieve the highest quality standards for each single title.

Lux Vide became the first Italian company to win an Emmy Award with the film Joseph from The Bible Collection

Lux Vide is a dream factory, managing to speak more languages by focusing on universal themes that concern viewers, regardless of their nationality.
Thanks to its international vocation, with a solid Italian heart, Lux Vide is the ideal partner for the biggest players on the global market.



Branded Entertainment & Special Projects
NAME: Andrea Cuccaro, Zoe Baraldi;
ADDRESSE: Via Luigi Settembrini 17/A Roma 00195