Founded in Modena in 1961, Panini S.p.A. is a world leader in the sector of adhesive stickers and trading cards with branches in Europe, the USA and Latin America as well as a Multinational Leader in the publication of comics, children’s magazines and manga.

The PANINI brand has reached a good level of recognition so that most people, regardless of their age, gender or position, recognize it with enormous affection and as an important part of their growht and maturity. The experience of Panini means exchange, play and sharing in the real world and in the digital space.

For this reason we felt it appropriate to make available some of the most recognized signs of Panini, its historical artworks and contemporary desings in order to authenticate products of quality through a consolidated License program. Our Style Guides provide insipiration and guidelines to assist and support our licensees and official partners to enjoy a piece of this legacy that has endured for generations. To date, Panini’s brand licensing program, has several partners in different product categories, in Europe and Latin America. Products designed and developed for a very large target group involving children and adults.

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