For over 35 years P&B has been designing and manufacturing promotional items, design items and everyday products with an all-Italian taste, paying great attention to innovation, and quality at the right price.

In the first years of activity, P&B is dedicated to paper converting and the molding of materials, directly producing internally designed plastic items for its customers for promotional purposes. A fundamental experience to expand the technical know-how that today characterizes our reality, able to design and follow the production of objects belonging to different product categories.

Pioneers of sourcing in the Far East, over the years P&B professionals have created a global network of qualified and reliable suppliers for the creation of a wide range of products.

P&B pays great attention to the search for innovative materials that are – where possible – sustainable, thinking about the entire life cycle of the items and their disposal. P&B is an FSC certified company with the aim of guaranteeing customers products that come from well-managed forests, controlled sources or recycled materials.



For several years, P&B has started an in-depth search for new materials, methods for the disposal of waste and eco-friendly packaging. Thanks to constant dialogue with its production partners, it is now able to promote, where possible, the use of bio-based, recycled or compostable raw materials, favoring the use of inks free of toxic substances.

The desire to be talked about with the product, to excite with the design and to design articles of common use but with an all-Italian taste has never changed. Today is the right time to continue doing it, respecting the planet, to guarantee our social commitment.

Here is P & Bio: the P&B area that highlights its constant commitment to the environment.


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