Perfetti Van Melle, one of the largest confectionary groups in the world, produces and distributes candies and chewing gum in more than 150 countries worldwide with several much-loved brands throughout the five continents. Moreover, the leading candy group develops successful licensing programs extending the brands in both lifestyle and food and beverage products.
If you are looking out for a sweet and fresh licensing opportunity in Italy, check out Perfetti Van Melle’s popular brands: Chupa Chups, Mentos, Big Babol, Morositas, Fruit·tella, Brooklyn and Frisk. They have unique flavour profiles, offer amazing designs great to take to lifestyle categories and are able to create memorable retail experiences.


Chupa Chups®

Chupa Chups®, the world’s most popular lollipop brand with the eye-catching iconic logo, has developed a lifestyle licensing program worldwide. Chupa Chups®’ strong personality, edgy teenage spirit and high emotional link with the consumers has become a favorite among retailers wanting to offer Forever Fun. The brand always finds new ways to transfer its quirky essence and colour to an ever expanding universe of lifestyle products and retail experiences.


Mentos® is a global brand and enjoys a huge international brand awareness: it ranks number one in the global mint category. It is a great brand to create fresh connections and strong concepts based on its fresh aroma profile, as well as a minimalist and social appeal for fresh fashion concept collaborations. An art portfolio has been developed to apply to the main licensing categories such as apparel, personal care and accessories, targeted to young adults, across the European market and in the US.

Big Babol®

Big Babol® is a famous Italian chewing gum brand, originated in the eighties. It is the bubble gum icon in Italy with a playful brand image, perfect to create fun and amazing products for kids with catchy colors.


The Morositas® brand is synonym for juicy and soft gummy candy in iconic shapes. The brand was launched in Italy in the eighties and soon its TV spot with the famous model Cannelle made Morositas® hugely popular. Under the claim “Life is hard, take it soft!”, Morositas® offers great opportunities for nostalgic licensing.


The Brooklyn® brand, in spite of its name, is one of the most renowned and evocative brands for entire generations of Italians. Shortly after the second world war, this chewing gum was made in Italy and designed to give the brand the captivating allure of America. The gum’s legendary commercials and successful bicycle sponsorships made the brand an absolute leader and synonym with chewing gum in the Italian market. It’s still a classic today and has a strong nostalgic vibe for every Italian, making it perfect to create retrò products.


Fruit-tella® is famous for its candies made with real fruit juice and natural colourings and flavours. It has been in the market since 1932 and is enjoyed by kids in many European markets. Fruit-tella embodies the freedom to say “yes” to responsible treats and smart licensing choices for fruit inspired life style products and innovative food and beverage launches.


Frisk®, the premium strong super refreshing mint and mental energizer, has prepared a premium licensing program for young and trendy urban professionals. It offers a unique style interpretation that has all the necessary elements to create original fashion and must have accessories for the trendy young businessman.


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