QMI is the content company that has been operating as a leader in the world of entertainment marketing for almost twenty years as a bridge between the world of content and brands.

In licensing, in addition to collaborating with the main film majors, QMI is proud to represent Sergio Bonelli Editore, the largest Italian content factory, which for eighty years, thanks to the iconographic strength of its heroes and the universal values ​​they represent, has become an integral part of Italian and international pop culture, fueling the passion and inspiring the imagination of different generations and targets.

Thanks to an inexhaustible wealth of properties and distinct contents available, QMI identifies those most consistent with the values ​​of the brands and its marketing objectives to carry out its integrated projects from product design to promotion, highly performing and always there.

The portfolio of QMI services is completed by the design and implementation of co-marketing operations, promo & loyalty activities aimed at involving communities and customer bases through digital activations integrated with rewarding mechanics, sponsorships and live activations that create experiences memorable at cinema events, festivals and major concerts.



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