Rainbow S.p.a.

ADDRESS: Via Brecce snc, Loreto (AN)

EMAIL: info@rbw.it

TELEPHONE: +39 071 75067500

WEBSITE: www.rbw.it


The Rainbow Group was founded in 1995 by Iginio Straffi, who is still President and CEO.
The Group is active in the entertainment segment for children and teenagers and is one of the main companies of reference at an international level for the production of television and film products, as well as at a European level for the creation, development and licensing of content.
The Rainbow Group business model is characterized by a high degree of vertical integration which involves the direct management of the entire content creation process up to the control of their marketing on the market.
In the course of over 20 years of history, the Group has created and developed various properties and today can count on a portfolio of products broadcast in over 100 countries, through the various broadcasting platforms, and marketed through leading companies in their reference sectors on a scale world.
The activity of the Rainbow Group focuses on the creation and development of contents – both animated and live action – in the creation of television and cinema products inspired by them, in their subsequent marketing, also through the granting of licenses, as well as in the production activity. animated for third-party companies.


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