Studio Bozzetto is a production house and animation studio founded by Bruno Bozzetto in 1960 in Milan. Since 2018, the studio has been part of ForFun Media, a network of creative companies with a focus on the international animation business, with offices in Milan, Florence and Rome.

Studio deals with the production of TV series, commercials, institutional videos, motion graphics, apps, augmented reality, graphics and video mapping.

Among the great successes are Signor Rossi, created by Bruno Bozzetto in 1960 as the personification of the average Italian of the time, protagonist of about ten productions including short films and films; Tip Mouse, the 104-episode preschool series released in 2014 and distributed in 140 countries; babydances, the film and series Raccontastorie by Carolina Benvenga (protagonist of the Rai Yoyo Mail) and Topo Tip, a couple with millions and millions of views on YouTube. And again, broadcast and available on various platforms in Italy, Canada, Spain, Finland, Singapore, Japan and soon in China, the Studio’s latest preschool TV series, The Game Catchers – Gli Acchiappagiochi, co-produced with Sphere Animation ( ex Sardine Productions). After the successful launch, both RAI Ragazzi and ICI Radio-Canada Télé confirm the commission of a second season of 52 new episodes

Studio Bozzetto collaborates with brands and companies from all over the world, creating original concepts and communication projects using unconventional solutions, always remembering to have fun! STUDIO BOZZETTO REEL



ADDRESS: Via Cola Montano 9, Milano – Piazza della Repubblica 1 Bergamo
TELEPHONE: 02 89289873