For over two decades, Tortuga has been the driving force behind transformative communication projects. From captivating entertainment to mouthwatering food experiences, and from empowering Corporate to seamless B2B communication, we’ve done it all.

Our unwavering passion, proactive approach, and lightning-fast service set us apart. We don’t just listen; we strategically respond to our clients’ needs, working hand in hand, united in vision, objectives, and the thrill of the final success.

Every brand carries a unique tale, and we stand ready to craft a fresh chapter each time. Our journey began in advertising, and as the landscape shifted, we’ve embraced real-time responses to market trends and new media while upholding the pillars of creativity and strategic brilliance.

Advertising lies at our core, mastering press campaigns to awe-inspiring TV commercials. Our artistic prowess extends to Graphic Design, where we breathe life into corporate identities, packaging, and product brands. In the digital realm, we excel in creating captivating websites, engaging portals, and impactful social media campaigns.

At Tortuga, our mission is to cater to your communication needs in a holistic manner, accompanying you on every step of your brand’s journey. Consider us your strategic, proactive partner, ready to explore uncharted territories together.”


Advertising           Design and integration of ATL and BTL communications’ projects

Rebranding             to create a total new Brand

Graphic Design      from the logo to the Corporate Identity, from the packaging to the style guidelines

Web&Digital            from the analysis to Digital product’s creation

Social                       from Sponsored Campaigns’ strategy to the management of Corporate or product profiles, through the creation of editorial plans and posts’ publication.


ADDRESS: Sempione 11 – 20145 Milan
TELEPHONE: +39 349 10 64 864