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MLD Entertainment is a “hub” of services and specific contents for the Italian Licensing market. We deal in particular with the world of Entertainment – Cinema, TV, YouTube and Social Media – and B2B Events dedicated to the world of Licensing and communication.

Enthusiasm is our strength: it allow us to engage buyers, licensors, entertainment companies, manufacturing companies and licensees. Since our birth in 2001 we are at the forefront of the Italian licensing industry and brand extension platforms. Thanks to our comprehensive database of more than 12.000 professionals we act as facilitators between demand and offer of licensed properties and brands. Our enthusiasm is reflected in the quality, the participation and the mood of our events and training courses, while our newsletters and information is avidly followed by all our fan base. And there is more to us than meet the eyes: our brand extension and licensing programs consultancy services are probably what we are more fond of and recognize for.

For over 20 years, Lucci & Partners has been dealing with Consulting, Licensing, Events, Disclosure, Brand Extension and Collaboration. Over time, our projects have needed to each find their own identity and target audience, so were born MLD Entertainment and Brand Jam, but the skills are shared and the projects are managed in an integrated way.