Acchiappagiochi comes on TV

A new preschool series is coming that will make children rediscover the flavor of playing outdoors.
The details of the TV series

This project was born from the co-production between Studio Bozzetto and Sardine Productions, a Canadian production company. It is an animated TV series consisting of 52 episodes lasting 7 minutes with the prospect of making the second season already. The series is aimed at a preschool audience and is characterized by very colorful and captivating graphics with always different characters and sets, 53 to be exact, including the planet where the protagonists live. The animation technique is very particular: backdrops in 3D and animation of the characters in 2D. It will be broadcast on Rai YoYo starting from 20 December.

Studio Bozzetto has been working in recent weeks on the distribution of the series internationally together with the distributor GoldBee.

The main concept: because children will like it

The Toy Catchers are a team of five children, Kate, Dino, Nina, Pigi and Boxy, united by a strong friendship and a unique mission: to travel to the four corners of the universe and discover what games children on each planet play. To help the Game Catchers in their mission, there is Mr. Mustache, a friendly alien, who has dedicated his entire life to studying games and then teaching them to new generations. Mr. Mustache, now retired, is the mentor of the Game Catchers to whom he passes his knowledge and passion for him by helping them find new and amazing planets to go on a mission to “catch” new games.

The authors of the series are Andrea Bozzetto, director, Branko Rakic, director, and Corrado Colleoni, artistic director, who have developed the project around playground games known all over the world with different names. The basic idea is to return to living the outdoors by playing hide and seek, world, blind fly and the like.

The series stimulates and develops children’s curiosity towards the new and the different. The main theme of the series is the discovery of new games to play together. In fact, play is the stimulus that leads to friendship, knowledge and learning. Playing helps children become more mature and team up with other players, all while having fun. All the games in the series are simple and fun and help children socialize and learn easy rules.

The visual style is simple and attractive

In each episode there is a great variety of characters and the settings change, to lead children to always discover a different game, while maintaining a very clear and standard structure suitable for the age of the young spectators. The TV series will not only live on television, because apps have already been produced to engage fans with the main games, as well as a partnership signed with Giunti Editore for the development of all products related to publishing.

In addition to this, Tabui and Circo Wow are on board for a promotional operation that sees the development of games with theme parks around Italy.

“Gli Acchiappagiochi is a product with an Italian heart that was created to bring children back to experience play as an authentic moment of growth. The game obviously intended as a backyard game, light and fun with all the positive effects on education, rules and motor skills. RAI Ragazzi showed us its support right away and we can’t wait to submit ourselves to the judgment of the most severe critics: children “- declares Pietro Pinetti, CEO of Studio Bozzetto and executive producer of the series.

The property, managed at the licensing level by Rai Com, was previewed at the Milan Licensing Day on September 16, 2021. To see the recording of the presentation, you can send an email to with the subject “pitch Studio Bozzetto” and you will receive the link to download the presentation.

We just have to wait for December on Rai YoYo!

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