The film “Sonic 2” was a blockbuster in the United States and achieved fantastic results around the world for a total of 141 million dollars in box office after just two weekends.
In Italy, however, in its first weekend it grossed € 1,479,339, proving that the most passionate are finally returning to the cinema.

Sega has managed to create a film dedicated to families but also to the entire audience of Sonic fans. The film is full of news, in fact Dr. Robotnik is back with a new ally, Knuckles, who will help him in the search for an emerald that has the power to destroy civilization. With his new adventure partner Tails, Sonic embarks on a journey around the world to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.

“Sonic Prime”, the new animated series that will air on Netflix in Autumn 2022 produced in collaboration with WildBrain.
The animated series consists of 24 episodes with the concept art created by the artist Patrick Horan and will see Sonic embark on a new exciting and mysterious adventure.

After the film and the series on Netflix, for the most passionate, the new platform 3 game “Sonic Frontiers”, developed by SEGA, is coming for the end of 2022.
The action game will see Sonic discover all the Starfall islands which include various worlds such as: forests, ancient ruins, deserts and will have to face various enemies.

You can find the game on different platforms such as: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox X / S Series.

Sega has also announced important partnerships, such as Lego, where Sonic comes to life in the form of bricks, Jakks Pacific, Master Toy Licensee, but not only because the licensee portfolio is expanding, especially the Italian one with CR Group, Clementoni, CIAO, Original Marines, San Carlo, Mondo and many others.