Avatar: The Way of Water enters the top 10.

Avatar: The Way of Water, as of today is ranked the seventh highest-grossing film in the history of cinema. 

It grossed a total of 40.3 million euros, topping the list again in the week of January 12-15, 2023.

“The extraordinary success of Avatar: The Way of Water not only makes us proud as a company but also allows us to look to the future of cinema in Italy with positivity,” said Daniel Frigo, CEO The Walt Disney Company Italia.

In 2023 The Walt Disney Company will continue to work in this direction and this is the commitment it will carry forward into the year of the Walt Disney Company’s centennial celebration, giving support to the theater with the release of many films of different genres.

Overall, the weekend of January 12-15, 2023 yielded a box office of 6,690,264 euros, for 891,328 admissions. We are at -45 percent compared to the previous weekend. On the other hand, very sharp growth over 2022 : +104.26%.

The comparison with pre-Covid remains always sharply negative : -46.8% on the 2017-18-19 average.