Barbie x Zuiki

Barbie and Zuiki are launching a capsule collection for this summer

Barbie and Zuiki for the fourth time are launching a summer collection combining the iconic nature of Barbie with the glamour of clothing and accessories.

The collection fully reflects the imagination of Barbie, and with her the magic of a doll that has been an emblem of feminine elegance for 65 years. The timeless logo is proposed on T-shirts and knotted blouses, swimming costumes and bikinis, shorts and mini-dresses, flip flops and hats, giving both a holiday and refined mood, thanks to the ever-present pink core.

Designed to be mixed and matched to play with fashion, creating trendy looks for the beach or more classic looks for unforgettable summer evenings, the garments and accessories in the Barbie Zuiki collection are perfect for women who want to express their personality with a unique style.

The collection is perfect for women of all ages who love fashion and follow its trends, and for Barbie’s historical fans who still recognise in her, an it girl with a must-have wardrobe to replicate and an incomparable style icon.