At Chester Zoo, between 17 April and 26 May 2023, they will enjoy a variety of activities inspired by the schools winner, including the interactive and DIY story session activity.
The costumes of the Bing and Flop characters will form part of the zoo’s conservation, where young visitors will be given the chance to learn more about Chester Zoo’s 27,000 animals.
Kirsty Southgate, Director and Promoter of Acamar Films says: “Bing is an explorer curious to know all that is curious around him. By bringing young ones and their families and entertaining an experiential education like this, you will not only serve the conservation of Chester Zoo but inspire visitors as well.
Dominic Strange, Commercial Director, at Chester Zoo says: “As a conservation and education charity, we are always finding new ways to connect children to nature. With its inspiring approach to nature,Bing is a great way to spotlight some of the most incredible species on our planet Earth, inspiring a new generation of conservationists.
The Chester Zoo collaboration follows Acamar Films successful partnership with London’s ZSL in 2021 completing the continuity of Bing experiences at Alton Towers Resort and Gulliver Park Resort.