For the Cry Babies Magic Tears, 2022 is a year full of events throughout Italy to meet children, from Aquafan, to city squares, to shopping centers. An intense program of events designed to provide a direct and memorable experience with the

The Game Catchers’ season 1, co-produced by Sphere Animation and Studio Bozzetto, was picked up by Finish pubcaster YLE for broadcast on its Free-to-Air channel and on its VOD platform Yle Areena. It was also acquired by Singapore’s MediaCorp for broadcast

Turbozaurs is a new animation show produced by Armenian animation studio Tale Wind. This is a fun-filled story about a dynamic and adventurous team of dinosaurs who have managed to survive in underground caves, have evolved and can now instantly

The film "Sonic 2" was a blockbuster in the United States and achieved fantastic results around the world for a total of 141 million dollars in box office after just two weekends. In Italy, however, in its first weekend it grossed

“IO ALLA TUA ETA '”, a new animated series that takes advantage of time differences, directed by Mathieu Gouriou and co-produced by Mobo and Rai Ragazzi together with France Télévisions and Monello Productions, premiered every day on Rai Gulp. The protagonist