CoComelon: family support and opportunities

More than 95% of British parents consider important establishing routines with their children.

The research, commissioned by Moonbug Entertainment, was conducted in the UK on a sample of parents of children aged 6 months to 4 years.

In recent weeks, Moonbug Entertainment, the production company of CoComelon, the world’s most-watched pre-school series, released the results of a survey aimed at a representative sample of one thousand parents in Great Britain, regarding taking care of the daily routines with their children. According to this survey, one third of British parents struggle to follow a routine with their children, although 95% recognised the importance of having fixed routines, believing that there is not enough advice on how to build one. In addition, it was found that it can help their children feel secure and get through the challenging stages of growing up.

The survey found that bedtime (26%), tooth brushing (19%) and feeding time (15%) topped the list of activities with which parents have the most difficulty, while 22% of them stated that they found bath time the easiest activity to undertake. According to 96% of those interviewed, music and nursery rhymes are the most effective ingredient, so this is an important confirmation for Cocomelon, which, with positivity and fun, uses this method to present itself to the little ones with a soundtrack designed for important moments.

Precisely in order to reinforce the positive messages of the animated series, the CoComelon Can Help campaign was created, thanks to which the parents of children can enjoy concrete support in dealing with everyday activities. Thanks to this initiative, families will be able to manage these moments, discovering in each one a great opportunity for growth.