It will start on Monday, March 14 at 20.40, on Rai Gulp, SNOW BLACK, the live action series for boys co-produced by Atlantyca Entertaiment and Rai Ragazzi, in participation with Bedeschi Film.

A series full of emotions and tension, combining mysteries, friendship, the challenges of adolescence. Entirely shot in Lombardy, it is based on the book of the same name written by Francesca Tassini and Mario Pasqualotto, published by Marietti Junior.

Snow Black is a fourteen-year-old video blogger passionate about mysteries, who disappears without a trace: she wakes up trapped in an unknown and dark place, from which she can ask for help only by connecting with the phones of the brothers Ella and Kennedy, just moved with his parents to the Italian town of Flor, an imaginary location rebuilt in Brianza, where his father found work. Ella and Kennedy must settle into a new reality, Snow Black wants to find out all about himself, who he is, if she is alive, especially if he can get rid of. Together, they must shed light on a mystery far more intricate and dangerous than they can imagine…

SNOW BLACK will air from Monday to Friday on Rai Gulp at 20.40 starting from 14 March.

A first box set of 5 episodes accompanied by the trailer will be available from March 4 on Raiplay.