Cooking together is an act of love

Pastificio Di Martino and Barbie together to nourish future generations with values.
On the World Pasta Day, a special collaboration between two contemporary classics is unveiled at Tutto food in Milan: Pastificio Di Martino and Barbie, together to enhance family time and promote the right to playtime and food for all.

The partnership launched on 25th of October 2021 with a press conference in the context of Tutto Food in Milan, during which the video was presented in collaboration with the starred chef Cristina Bowerman, which sees three young chef apprentices engaged in the preparation of a delicious Di Martino pasta dish, with a Barbie Surprise twist.

To further the spirit of the collaboration and demonstrate the brands’ commitment to foster an inclusive, sustainable future for all, a portion of proceeds will support Food for Soul, the international nonprofit association founded by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore, whose mission is devoted to enabling socially responsible actions that improve the health of our planet and well-being of people. Since the opening of Refettorio Ambrosiano, Milan in 2015, Food for Soul has been mobilizing and empowering local communities to reduce food loss and waste and support social inclusion. With the aim of improving access to good food for all and through joyful educational play, Pastificio Di Martino and Mattel will also donate pasta and games to families facing food insecurity across Refettorio projects around the world.

On the shelves a selection of Pasta Di Martino is changing pink and the iconic tin boxes, now a distinctive feature of the historic Gragnano pasta factory, are dressed in bright colors to tell a project full of values. Dressed up to celebrate the collaboration, the new tin boxes contain everything you need to have fun at home with the family, cooking together with Barbie: a wide selection of Gragnano IGP Di Martino pasta shapes combined with Barbie Pasta Chef, a colorful Barbie apron for adults and children and a Barbie recipe book that brings home the values of sustainability, with the aim of reducing food waste and childhood obesity through a healthy and balanced diet.

With the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, in fact, Pastificio Di Martino offers delicious recipes deeply linked to the seasonality of the products and introduced in the different territorial realities. In inspiring a healthy lifestyle and promoting proper nutrition, these recipes become a pretext to raise awareness among young consumers of the cultural and environmental value of our food system, highlighting simple steps and culinary creativity to use up every ingredient.

Pasta, a democratic daily food, can be revolutionary and powerful: thanks to its great versatility and the ability to connect people around the table, it becomes an important key for new reasoning in the family, opening a necessary and fundamental dialogue with future generations. And it is precisely from the concept of uniting people and improving the quality of time spent in the family that the suggestion “Cuciniamo insieme/Let’s cook together” are born, attached to each preparation described in the cookbook. In this way, children play their own role during the execution of the dish, gaining beneficial experience of preparing a recipe from raw ingredients with their hands, discovering scents, colors and textures.  These intergenerational moments give young people an opportunity to learn behaviors that are both respectful and caring of our planet and one another while sharing the message, cooking is an act of love.

From online masterclasses to live events, there will be many surprises dedicated to fans of the Barbie world and the world of pasta in the coming months. To stay up to date, you can consult the recipes and find out more about the collaboration by visiting the website