Creamy Mami and the Magicla girls 3D collection by Centauria Editore

For the 40th anniversary of Creamy Mami TV series Centauria Editore has created an amazing collection of figures dedicated to the Studio Pierrot’s Magical girls, the production company that gave life to some of the most iconic and loved anime of the 80s and beyond.

It was the year 1983 when the first magical girl anime ever produced by the Pierrot was aired on Nippon Television, which was also one of the very first examples of media mix. This series was in fact produced with the intention of launching the Japanese idol Takako Ohta, who lent her voice to Creamy Mami. The opening theme of the cartoon was in fact her debut single.

In addition to Creamy Mami, Magical Emi and Pastel Yumi will also be part of the collection, all original works created by Studio Pierrot based on little girls who receive magical powers from fantastic creatures.

The collection boasts 50 releases composed by a 3D figure and a rich booklet on the character and the series, original images and many curiosities.

A collection that will allow all fans of the series to collect their favorite characters.

An original project, an absolute novelty not only for the most avid collectors, but for all those who, as children, loved and followed the adventures of Mami, Yuu, Emi, Mai and Yumi.

The first issue is available in all Italian kiosks. It will also be possible to make a subscription, online through Centauria website or with the form enclosed in the first issues. The subscription will give the consumers the opportunity to take advantage of interesting discounts and to receive two exclusive gifts, the figure of Mami pink dress version and the rare figure of Pinopino, a perfect reproduction of the alien who gave Yuu the magical powers, both available for subscribers only.

An ambitious project that celebrates the childhood of generations of adults. A piece of history of the Italian television, which brought Italian children to love the Japanese animation. For all fans of the genre, it is an unmissable collection!