Two of italy’s greatest icons come toghether fro a once in a lifetime night of spectacle

As Diabolik turns sixty, the rain pours.

On the third of november, after two years of preparations the collaborative event celebrating the famous italian comic book characte Diabolik took place at the iconic Rinascente department store.

That sometnhing was amist in the milanese city center could be told by all. A colossal safe and a shining car had appeared in front of the renound Rinascente department store. Not to mention the sheer amount of pictures of the beloved character that had flooded the Duomo station.

And somenting was indeed amist. On the night of the third of november Diabolik wished himself a happy birthday with a heist.

Once lowering himself on the ground from the top of the building, swiflty, with his companion Eva Kant he stole the content of the safe: a special volume for his series celebrating the occasion “The rinascente Heist”, a totally new and unique story in which our favourite mischievous protagonist has to attempt a robbery in the beloved Rinascente

What could have been enough of an event as is, getting every passer by’s attention turns out to be just the opener for an exquisitly exclusive party held at the seventh floor of the Rinascente.

As the years grow, so do production and attention and with an upcoming film on the way Diabolik is aging like wine, and with him is Rinascente as well,now getting back to pre covid sales successes.