Disney and Tonies, together for the latest chapter of the “From our family to yours” campaign

A historic moment for the German toy maker: the first global marketing operation

Born in 2016 Tonies offers an innovative learn through play experience for kids from 3 years of age and upwards, rigorously without the implementation of any screens. At first primarily dedicated to introducing children to scientifical subjects such as palaeontology, marine biology and physics, the brand has now shifted to a more licensed based approach, boasting a wide roster of stories, songs and characters from a variety of IPs of the kid’s animation sector.

Now, in time for the holydays, Tonies officially becomes part of Disney’s’ “From our family to yours” global marketing campaign. For the German brand this is a monumental opportunity, as stated by Shelly Sundag Tonies’ head of Global Brand:” This is a special moment for us and a milestone in our brand history”.

The success of a business model such as Tonies’ and the Italian Faba, prove just how much space of opportunity resides in the screenless entertainment business for kids and adults alike, an interesting and definitely positive development that we can expect to grow even larger in the following years.