Starting in February 2023, HARIBO will bring to participating stores a limited edition of candies dedicated to Super Mario. Some of the most iconic elements of Super Mario’s world will be available in the form of candies in fruit flavors.

HARIBO x Super Mario candies will be available in three limited editions.
Super Star, Green Shell, Mushroom 1-Up, Coin, Super Mushroom and Fire Flower: HARIBO and Nintendo have transformed some of the iconic elements of the Super Mario world.

Two popular brands coming together the unique collaboration between HARIBO and Nintendo brings together two brands beloved by fans and families alike. Two different brands, but they have a lot in common: known by different generations, they bring happiness and fun to everyone.

For generations HARIBO has provided moments of childlike happiness to young and old alike; in Italy is considered one of the most trusted brand in the entire candy industry and celebrated its first 100 years in 2020. 2020 was also the anniversary year for the Super Mario: The first Super Mario Bros. game, featuring Mario alongside his brother Luigi, was first released in Japan 35 years earlier in 1985. And over time, the series has evolved and continued to offer new experiences to consumers around the world.

For decades, both HARIBO candy and the iconic hero of the Mushroom Kingdom have brought the whole family together to play and have fun together — from now and for a limited time also joining forces.