Kids Marketing Days is the one-day event, in Italian language dedicated to family marketing strategies and the meeting between companies that relate to the target children and families.

Conferences, workshops and round tables animate the program of the day with data and insights on the most current topics in the world of kids: Sustainability, Marketing and Communication, Licensing and Consumer, Media, Digital and Promotions treated by the protagonists of the industries in the sector.

The rooms of the Nhow Hotel dedicated to the event come to life with the contribution of the installations of the partners and sponsors, present as exhibitors, to give everyone a moment of networking, reflection and sharing of the issues that involve the new generations.


It starts at 10.00 with the conference dedicated to SUSTAINABILITY’ “It’s time to promote virtuous behavior”.

The commitment of companies and consumers must be based on the creation of concrete behaviours that move in the direction of a common commitment to environmental, but also social and economic sustainability. Let’s find out together with prominent speakers how the behavioral sciences, the approach of Nudge, can help companies. We will also address concrete cases of how some companies are already carrying out these issues, starting from the involvement of the boys.

In the meeting of 12.00 NEW MEDIA “The factory of archetypes. Platforms and new evolving complexities” will mainly talk about TV, streaming, social and gaming platforms that are the new hotbeds of myths of the younger generation.

In the afternoon it starts again at 14.30 with LARGO CONSUMO / the “Little Dictators” and the new opportunities to seize.

We will address the reasons for the reduced presence of licensed or character products in Italian hypermarkets. And we will also ask ourselves if the perfect testimonials or celebrities work better by comparing two realities that have successfully applied two different strategies.

Finally closes the day the conference of 16.00 MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION “Get involved. Loyalty and engagement as a social instance”. The sense of society as a set of junctions has consolidated and companies are responsibly addressing the interface role between the community and consumer goods, with campaigns focused on education and support projects.

The appointment is 10 March 2022 at the Nhow Hotel in Via Tortona 35. Registrations are open.

To register for the event just CLICK HERE.