Kimbe and NoGroup merge to create MadHouse Italy. This merger exponentially increases the prestige and quality of present and future projects. The alliance opens the door to create unique leisure concepts in Italy, such as the MadLab and Marvel Mission centers.

The Kimbe team will retain its leader in this new venture, as the current CEO, Sergio Ravanelli, becomes head of MadHouse Italy. In addition, Tino Sommariva, Sales & Marketing Manager; Maria Grazia Contu, R&D and Communication Manager, and Andrea Banfi, Event Specialist, will continue to bring all their expertise to the project.

The experience and renown of both companies, now united, will ensure even more fun and entertainment in the shopping malls. At MadHouse Italy, the brands that Kimbe has worked with – Warner Bros., Rai Ragazzi, National Geographic, Sanrio, Paramount Global, Atlantyca Entertainment, The Pokémon Company, etc. – in addition to the brands that MadHouse Italy used to work with. – and the usual MadHouse brands, such as The Smurfs or Marvel.

Disruptive events and entertainment go to another level for the pleasure and enjoyment of the Italian public.