It’s been 50 years since he made his first screen appearance, but Lupin III doesn’t seem to have aged a single day.

Accompanied by his faithful friends Jigen and Goemon, he spends his time carrying out the greatest robberies in history while Inspector Zenigata tries in vain to capture him. But Lupine is not a criminal like the others.

The Adventures of Lupine III is the first anime television series based on the Lupine III manga created by Monkey Punch; it was broadcast for the first time in Japan in 1971, while in Italy it went on air since 1979 on various local televisions and has maintained constant exposure over the years.

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A content-rich 2022 is coming for the golden heart thief

RTI Mediaset, which manages licensing rights in Italy, has recently presented new graphic materials to support its licensees. The styleguide is enriched with new patterns, designs and original images.

There are many companies ready to celebrate this anniversary with a series of tributes: Sabor will be released in January with a collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts and pajamas for adults and boys.

MC2 Saint Barth will present a new line of adult target T-shirts in March, while Seven will present a school line in June. Clipper, historical partner of this character, confirms his success thanks to millions of pieces sold and will present a new model of lighter at the end of the year.

A success also celebrated on Netflix

There is also a lot of anticipation for the arrival of the 3rd season scheduled for 2022, given the fact that the first season was seen internationally by 70 million subscribers in the first 28 days. Netflix hasn’t confirmed an exact date yet, but has officially started filming.

Season 3 will focus on the life of Assane (Omar Sy) and will include many flashbacks to his background.

The most famous animated thief in the world is ready to celebrate an important birthday: preparations are underway!