The announcement occurs in honor of 100 years of Disney Magic.

To celebrate 100 years of Disney Magic and the coming Alice in Wonderland Day, Mattel Creations has revealed the first Disney doll that recreates a classic scene from the Disney film Alice in Wonderland. The collectible special celebrates the extravagant and admirable moment when Alice eats the magic cake and becomes too big to fit in the White Rabbit’s house. An absurd and wonderful scene, now immortalized, for fans to treasure as part of the new premium line Disney Collector Mattel Creations.

“It was so much fun to recreate this scene, from the expression of panic on the face of the White Rabbit to the tiny details of accessories. We made sure that all the pieces were perfectly scaled with the Rabbit and his house, choosing items that were meaningful to him and to the scene like his little carrot in a glass bell” said Carina Bilz, Mattel’s Lead Product Designer.

The doll is already available for purchase on Mattel Creations website at the following link.