Millimages announces the new Molang capsule collection

Millimages, one of the oldest independent animation studios and IP developers in Europe, is pleased to announce the launch of a new MOLANG CAPSULE COLLECTION.

A collection of unisex and streetwear clothing and accessories that takes inspiration from the Franco-Korean universe of Molang, a gentle and affectionate character, who with a unique and immediately recognizable style represents the values of empathy, softness, tenderness and joy. This capsule collection aimed primarily at the 16-35 age group includes dresses, pajamas, and pop accessories for women, men, and children, also, will be sold worldwide (excluding China) by the giant of ready-to-wear Shein.

Alexandra Algard Mikanowski, Licensing & Merchandising Director, Millimages, commented: “The collection confirms the evolution of the Molang brand, which has organically transformed into a hit with Generation Z. Today, its social network community of over 7 million fans generate an incredible 27 billion views on the Giphy platform, surpassing both the Star Wars and Hello Kitty franchises.”

Based on the illustration of Korean artist Hye Ji Yoon and the creation of the Molang universe by French author Marie Caroline Villand, Millimages started producing the TV series in 2015, and the TV success quickly grew into the digital sensation it is today, evolving into a lifestyle brand with a hugely successful consumer products programme.