NBA X PRIMARK: Street Style for a Winning Dunk

The marriage of fashion and the sports world is now inseparable, especially in the NBA league. It’s not just about the players showing up to games in their team uniforms; even the coach’s walk at the entrance is a real fashion show, with all eyes on the new looks. Want to be part of the show, too? Primark’s got you covered.

Perfect for basketball fans and streetwear style lovers alike, the line of items dedicated to the NBA just took the court to change the game’s fortunes.

Proposed a new range of must-have unisex garments inspired by the urban – basketball style for the whole family (even the little ones).

Perfect outfits are proposed with leotards and onesies for the youngest team mascots. The love for one’s team is ageless… Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls or Brooklyn Nets: the most beloved teams to create coordinated looks born together with the little ones.