Playmobil brand is now part of the WildBrain CPLG ‘s portfolio.

WildBrain CPLG will aim to expand the Playmobil brand into new product categories.

Playmobil has always been a well-known brand of high-quality toys since 1974 creating toys that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. WildBrain CPLG will leverage this brand know-how to create innovative new product lines in both the children’s and adult categories, reaching a global audience –  as reflected in the interview given by Maarten Weck, EVP and Managing Director of WildBrain CPLG. Weck states that this new and unique partnerships will be made between the two companies in various product categories ‘s ranges.

Of the same tenor were statements by Roger Balser, head of the Playmobil Business Unit. Balser emphasizes that the goal is to establish Playmobil as a leading global brand with a strong focus on consumer needs.

All possible touchpoints will be leveraged, including “live” experiences, to emotionally engage consumers in the Playmobil world.

Playmobil is the latest brand to join the WildBrain CPLG galaxy, which already holds numerous brands in the entertainment industry in both the EMEA and North American markets.