NPD and the toys market growth

Global toy sales increased 30% compared to pre-pandemic sales in 2019

“Unlike many other categories which grew tremendously during the pandemic and then saw sales drop dramatically post-COVID, the global toy market continues to perform and maintain an elevated level of sales,” Says Frédérique Tutt , Global Toys Analyst for the NPD group; and then he adds:

“As we approach the final quarter of the year, seeing a 2% revenue growth is encouraging for the industry. Once again, toys and games prove their resilience against political and economic uncertainties.”
What shines as evident is clear: the toy market, though often overlooked, is a vast, complex and very interesting sector rich in opportunities.

The three fastest growing subclasses during the year to date were: non-strategic cards and stickers, thanks to panini’s immense success in the south american market with its 2022 World Cup merchandise, followed by traditional plush toys with a growth of 32%, and action figures and collectibles with a respectable growth of 12%..

Of course an overall growth in revenue doesn’t mean that every single product has grown in sales (Notable is the example of skateboards, which have seen they’re market revenue drop by circa 30%) nor that this growth is visible in every country. The market has in fact declined in many of the EU nations such as Spain, France and Germany.

As far as best selling properties are concerned, Pokemon remains the leading one worldwide, followed by Star Wars, Barbie and Marvel Universe .