Inspired by the iconic CORTO MALTESE® Greek Fisherman’s Hat, the bespoke OLR30SR encapsulates the spirit of the legendary Captain.

Aegean archipelago. The Med. The World. A literary myth, from the pen of Hugo Pratt, and a product line celebrating passion for sea, travel, freedom, and speed. Blending the art of storytelling with the art of seafaring, Olympic Ribs is excited to unveil its first Corto Maltese®-inspired boat at the boot exhibition in Düsseldorf, running from January 20-28, 2024. Embodying full customization and showcased as one among many possible variations, the tailored OLR30SR marks a significant milestone in the partnership between OLYMPIC RIBS and CONG S.A., Switzerland, the guardians of the CORTO MALTESE® eminent heritage.

Crafted with a keen eye for detail and a deep respect for the Corto Maltese® saga, the 30ft long Rigid Inflatable Boat is a nautical tribute to the emblematic sailor’s hat, a symbol steeped in the lore of the beloved seafarer. The hat, more than just an accessory, represents the spirit of adventure, the mystery of the seas, and the timeless elegance that Corto Maltese® embodies. Its distinctive design elements are thoughtfully integrated into the boat’s aesthetics: a pristine white front, echoing the hat’s crown, while parts of the helm area, located at the center of the boat, are adorned in luxurious gold, mirroring the hat’s distinguished gold badge. The rear seating, in a similar gold hue, pays homage to the hat’s band, while the boat’s sleek black finish is reminiscent of the hat’s body and brim. Adding a unique touch, a golden ring adorns one side of the boat’s balloon, reflecting Corto Maltese’s iconic earring, a symbol of his adventurous and free-spirited nature.

Commenting on the OLYMPIC RIBS x CORTO MALTESE® partnership, Christos Karyofyllis, OLYMPIC RIBS Director, stated: “The OLR30SR is a vessel that transcends the ordinary, much like the hat of Corto Maltese®. It’s a symbol of freedom, a nod to the enigmatic and adventurous spirit that Corto Maltese® represents. We are thrilled to present this unique creation at Boot Düsseldorf 2024.”

Patrizia Zanotti, Managing Director for CONG S.A., added: “The unveiling of the OLR30SR is a testament to the enduring legacy of Corto Maltese®. This collaboration goes beyond mere branding; it’s an artistic and spiritual fusion that captures the essence of Hugo Pratt’s creation. We are delighted to see Corto Maltese’s spirit navigate in such a magnificent form.”

Maurizio Distefano, president of Maurizio Distefano Licensing responsible for the development of the project, added: “The OLR30SR customized version is a perfect example of how a creative vision can transform into a tangible and breathtaking reality. It’s a tribute to the classiest graphic novel ever written and proof of the innovative spirit shared by OLYMPIC RIBS.”

Sokratis Sarafidis, speaking for FMC S.A., the strategy consulting firm driving the synergy, stated: “Selecting the OLR30SR Corto Maltese® edition transcends traditional boat ownership, serving as an investment in a dynamic example of innovation and cross-industry collaboration. This vessel, holding the intrinsic value of a breakthrough momentum, emerges as a key strategic asset in the hero licensing industry, underscoring the substantial benefits from the fusion of diverse sectors.”