Pudgy Penguins reveals the Pudgy toys

The well-known NFT project, Pudgy Penguins, is expanding its offer by introducing Pudgy Toys, a line of plushies and action figures that have been licensed directly from the community that acts as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. A kind of trojan horse that aims to integrate NFT IP in traditional toy markets, simplifying the use of blockchain technology, creating confidence in NFT markets, and providing a smoother experience for users who want to interact with their toys or products through Web3.

Each toy is given a birth certificate on which there is a QR code that, with its scan, provides a unique conduce that unlocks the boxes of the strokes in Pudgy World, an online platform that provides blockchain portfolios and NFT soulbond to non-Web3 users, offering them the opportunity to connect and interact to traded traits for their NFT Forever Pudgy Penguin.

The Co-Founder of Mobile Entertainment, Riccardo Mazzocchi said:”The first case study of Pudgy Penguin is a successful example of a brand that began as a collection of NFT and has exploited its growing popularity to enter the world of licensing and create a line of toys.
This case stands as a benchmark for the whole industry. This convergence of digital and tangible goods opens new horizons for licensing agencies, pushing them to explore and embrace new horizons and new possibilities.

Leveraging the popularity of these new brands, the agencies can tap into a rapidly growing market and create a thriving ecosystem where physical products and digital collectibles coexist harmoniously.”