Puma and Foot Locker, together for new generations

The two brands’ partnership deepens as the market opens up and new collaborations emerge

As Nike grows more and more distant from Foot Locker and other sportswear retailers to work on its personal in store direct-to-consumer experience: a hole is left to fill in the market, and Puma is happy to join in.

Foot Locker has signed new deals with brands the likes of Reebok, Adidas and of course Puma in order to restock their shops and diversify theyr offer of products. Out of these brands though, Puma seems to be the one striving the most. The common objective of the two brands seems to be the one of engaging new customers from younger generations, such as gen z and alpha through targeted collaborations and by working with influencers the likes of Dixie D’Amelio.

Puma has recently announced its new collaboration with Cocomelon that, considered toghether with the Puma x Paw Patrol one, really shows just how much of an investment the brand is really making for this new sector of the market.

Another huge move on Puma’s side is of course the collaboration with The Pokemon Company and Niantic (publisher of Pokemon GO). The retailers turned the Puma New York City flagship store, as well as 400 more Foot Locker locations all around the U.S. into Pokemon gyms and Pokestops, hugely promoting the shops and the merchandise within them.

The collaboration between Puma and Foot Lockers is one that’s deepening as we speak, the companies will also work toghether on product drops, marketing initiatives and the overall in-store and online shopping experience

In addition it’s interesting to consider that Foot locker is the only and exclusive destination for the Puma x Pokemon collaboration as well as the Puma x Paw Patrol one and the Puma x Cocomelon one too.

“We are very excited to build on our already strong partnership with Puma“ says Andrew Gray: the vice president of Global Lockers and Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Inc