For over twenty years “Melevisione”, the popular program for children aired from 1999 in the early afternoon of Rai3 and from 2010 on RAI Yoyo, is beside the children.

Each episode of the Melevision focuses on the adventures of the friends of the Fantabosco, with many fairy tales to watch and many things to learn. The main protagonist of the program was in the first six seasons the leprechaun Tonio Cartonio, played by Danilo Bertazzi, then replaced by Milo Cotogno, interpretated by Lorenzo Branchetti. The transmission has not changedfor eight consecutive seasons, occupying the early afternoon band. The program is still broadcast on Saturday and Sunday morning and every day in the late evening on RAI Yoyo.

The most passionate will surely remember the event organized by Rai Ragazzi in 2019 in Turin for the 20 years of Melevisione. To celebrate Rai Ragazzi and the TV Production Center of Turin – the ‘house’ of the program – they organized an exhibition, curated by the trainees of the scenography and costume courses of the Accademia Albertina in Turin with the exhibition of the costumes of all the characters – among the most famous Tonio Cartonio and Milo Cotogno, Lupo Lucio and Strega Varana – with iconic scenic elements and photographs. An extraordinary success, with people from all over Italy and beyond. In just 9 days, more than 10,000 people were registered.

Thanks to the brand’s recognition, Rai Com, which manages the rights to the program, announces just these days a new partner on board, ADV Eventi. The project of this company, specialized in the organization of events, includes a tour of shows throughout Italy that will involve presenters and actors of the program. The shows will take place in municipalities, associations, and small theaters from June 2022 and, later, ADV Events also aims to realize a theatrical tour.

A beautiful project that pays tribute to a program that has accompanied the childhood of generations of Italians and that will bring back the big children, giving children the opportunity to relive the dreams of their parents.

For information on the organization of events, please contact advmelevisione@gmail.com