The 4th quarter 2021 of the Screenshot TV search was just released. What were the cartoons always aired in 2021? What has changed since previous quarters?

In 2021, over 323 children’s TV series were ” is in continuous production and boxoffice and audience data are no aired with an average for month of 123, and 50 blockbusters for children and families were launched within 24 months at the cinema. The “Entertainment Factory longer enough.
How to have a constant critical update to guide your choices?

TV school series, between 2 and 6 years, make up 39% of the total series: it is therefore true that networks continue to dedicate60% of their content to the target after 6 years. Among the channels, RAI is the main channel, with a total of 87 series on Rai Gulp (27% of the total) and 72 on Rai Yoyo.
But if companies seek continuity to be able to invest in established characters, programming perhaps does not help: of the 323 series broadcast in 2021, only 28 are those that have been kept in programming throughout the year, without monthly interruptions.
The other fundamental theme to consolidate a character is the rate of repetition of episodes of the series: the shows that go on air several times a day have obviously greater chances to be seen and known by the public.
Also in this sense, only the 14% of the shows of 2021 went on air for more than 4 times a day. While the 48% of the 324 shows aired in 2021 with only one repeat per day. Of these 120 TV series were broadcast in gold hour spots, that is between 16:30 and 21:00.

See you next quarter!

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