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Power vision is an expert support for orientating into the licensing market.

A tailored analysis to understand the market and its necessities through BVA Doxa’s and MldEntertainment’s data.

Concrete data, qualified insights, direct opinions detected trough the market can support the companies in choosing successful licenses.

Power Vision2 answers to these questions:

  • Key factors that define a successful property for the Italian market, milestones and essential elements
  • Key influencers who are able to determine a successful path of growth for the property
  • the new media environment and the hypothesis  for the future of the entertainment industry

2 personalized and deep analysis included in just one service:

CONSUMER analysis (edited by BVA Doxa Kids)

We explore consumer preferences, as well as kids and parents ones, with recent data analysis and historic trends.

Insights by DOXA Junior 2020 3-16 years old* with exposition and audience context:

  • personal interviews realized during December every year, conducted inside the kids’ house
  • representative sample of the consumer, chosen by age, gender and geographic area
  • kids answer directly to the questions (without any help from the parents)
  • more than 1.000 kids and parents every year are involved

Licensing and Entertainment market analysis (edit by MLD Entertainment)

We share our knowledge of the licensing and entertainment market, with a perspective that is external from agencies’ and licensors’ logics. Our aim is to define the guidelines for choosing the right license for the different products.

We help you to identify the critic aspects while choosing the right licensing strategy, decided on measurable data, on the competence of B2B specialist aspects and implementable promptly and efficiently.

For further information contact us at info@mldentertainment.it