The release of the animated film, which has been in development since 2017, is scheduled for December 2022. The voice cast was announced this week.

Announced in 2018 and then disappeared from the radar, the animated film of Super Mario is back these days to talk about itself during the Nintendo Direct.

He did so through the voice of Shigeru Miyamoto himself, who gave birth to the Italian plumber and collaborates on the film as a producer.

The film, at least in the United States, will be released on December 21, 2022 while the precise release in other countries will be confirmed later, however we talk about the Christmas holidays next year.

Nintendo and Illumination have spared no expense for dubbing in English, which will involve names such as Chris Pratt, who became known through the series of The Guardians of the Galaxy and other appearances within the universe of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and two faces from American comedies like Jack Black and Seth Roganv.

Although the video game on which the Super Mario film is based has minimal dialogues, the producers have stated that each actor was chosen for his ability to capture the unique spirit of each of his iconic characters.

“Mario and Luigi are two of the most beloved heroes of all popular culture,” said producer Chris Meledandri, adding that the team wanted to give life to these characters unlike any movie they have ever made before. A previous live-action film from 1993 loosely inspired by the game series received mixed reviews from critics.

Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo hailed the new animation as “a new piece of entertainment that gives life to Super Mario Bros on screen and allows everyone to enjoy it, regardless of whether they know the game or not”.

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