Barbie proposed as a model of female inspiration Cristina Fogazzi, known on the web as Estetista Cinica, one of the most followed Italian digital entrepreneurs at the moment.

Barbie Dream Gap Project is in fact a global initiative still ongoing whose goal is to provide girls with the resources and support they need to continue to increase their awareness and believe they can express all their potential.

Cristina Fogazzi, Barbie and the Estetista Cinica join together for a charity activity in collaboration with the BET SHE CAN Foundation for a project focused on the removal of “labels” and “stereotypes” gender that affect girls and boys from the early years of their lives: the project “Dream Gap – Bye Bye Labels”.

The project “Dream Gap – Bye Bye Labels” includes a series of workshops to promote awareness, self-discovery, questioning labels and stereotypes. Participants will discover the beauty and richness of diversity and above all how community experiences, travel and confrontation can free us from the “labels” that condition us.