Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is coming to theatres in Italy on September 29 and they hype is huge!

It is the second movie in the Dragon Ball Super franchise and it’s been an immediate success, both in USA and Japan, registering a top box office of 20 millions dollars during the first week end of release. The movie is directed by Tetsuro Kodama with the supervision of the original author, Akira Toriyama.

An eventful Autumn is coming for Dragon Ball franchise in Italy with the movie, which features CGI and classic beloved characters showing super new transformations and plot twists that will not let down fans!

Beside the series licensees, in Italy, there will be several launches of products specifically dedicated to the movie to meet fans expectations.

And there’s more!

Bandai Namco has announced on its website the release, on October 10, of the brand new videogame DRAOGN BALL THE BREAKERS.

Starbright points out that having both a new movie, after the extraordinary success of DRAGON BALL SUPER- BROLY, and a new video game is a great support that strengthens its leadership in the market.