Turbozaurs is a new animation show produced by Armenian animation studio Tale Wind. This is a fun-filled story about a dynamic and adventurous team of dinosaurs who have managed to survive in underground caves, have evolved and can now instantly transform into turbo-zeros, super-powerful machines, each with a unique set of characteristics. They are discovered by three children, who form a special rescue team of friends who can take on any challenge, whether it’s searching for hidden treasure, growing exotic fruits, or helping find a lost pet.

The new series emphasizes the importance of teamwork, teaches how the creative approach and positive mindset help to overcome any problem and where the topic of ecology plays an important role.

Previously, the project was released on Youku, a leading Chinese streaming platform belonging to the Alibaba group, where it quickly entered the top 10 of the most admired children’s animation series in the first quarter of 2022. It subsequently debuted in Italy. on the Nick Jr. television channel starting in April, with three seasons dedicated to preschoolers. This is the first appearance of Turbozaurs on Italian TV thanks to the distribution of Mondo TV Group.