It’s ​​now available “Netflix – In Tendenza Ora”, the new party game for 3 to 10 players, for children aged 14 and over. The official Netflix party game is a Spin Master / Games Publisher party game and is ready to involve millions of fans around the world by engaging them in a creative challenge.

The game consists of a fun creative challenge that reinvents the most famous Netflix TV series and movies in an ironic, irreverent and original way. There are well over 20,000 possible scenarios inspired by the entertainment products that have marked pop culture and social conversations around the world. “Netflix – In Tendenza Ora”, it stages the most frequent and the most unlikely situations in the life of any bingewatcher.

The challenge is to choose the most appropriate Netflix Content for a given Situation, to match it to the perfect Twist. Finally, the most creative and original combination must be invented. Whoever is able to win the favor of the Judge will win. Each player has 4 cards in their hand with the titles and plots of the most famous shows in the world, from The Paper House to Squid Game from Stranger Things to Bridgerton. It also has 4 Twist Cards, with unlikely events that can transform the chosen content into a new original show that will be your Recommended Show.

At each round there is a judge who has the sole task of drawing a card and decreeing the best show. But not everything is so simple: the player to the left of the Judge, the Queen of Drama, will draw a Drama card and can thus completely turn the situation around.

Netflix – In Tendenza Ora is a party game Spin Master / Publisher Games, and is already available at a cost of €29.99.