TOYS MARKET, NPD Group recounts data for 2022

The toy market closes 2022 down -1.8% in value, while there is a sharper slowdown in volume. The average price stands at €15.82, a figure up +4.9% vs. the same period in 2021. The price increase has slowed down compared to the first 6 months of the year especially in Q4.

However, there are many growing elements, first and foremost the sales of products related to a video game property, which registers an increase of 32% and accounts for 4% of the 2022 turnover.

Six supercategories register positive trends compared to 2021. Games/Puzzles is the fastest-growing supercategory in absolute value, followed by Action Figures & Acc., while the Infant/Toddler/Preschool Toys supercategory has the highest turnover in the year.


Revenues from licensed products (27 percent of the total market) grew +2.6 percent and served as a driver for market growth. In fact, the licensing market has seen its weight increase by +3 percentage points since 2019. In contrast, sales from unlicensed products saw a contraction.

Among properties, Barbie confirms its position in first place. It is followed by Marvel Universe, Hot Wheels, and Pokemon. Among the properties that increase revenues the most compared to last year are: Pokemon, Marvel Universe, and LEGO Creator Expert.


The categories related to the Fun Gaming world are growing in terms of revenue; in particular, Trading Card and Adult Games are in fact those with the greatest contribution to growth. The higher price ranges (over €30) also grow, gaining + 2.1 share points compared to 2021.


Sustainability is increasingly the focus of consumer attention. In the toy market, 3.7 percent of sales are generated by products created from recycled, sustainable or organic materials. Consumers are paying attention to the issue and it is certainly shifting purchases.

For more info or insights: Ilenia Corea, Toys Director,  ilenia.corea@npd.comm & Clara Cantoni, Senior Account Manager Toys,