Jimmy Lion and Universal Studios have teamed up to create a new collection.

Wally, a symbol of pop culture of the 90s, abandons his usual overcrowded scenarios, such as the beach, a train station, the countryside or even other historical periods, to become the protagonist of the coolest socks of the season.

The collection consists of 5 designs, 4 casual and 1 Athletic, where the iconic red and white stripes are highlighted.

In Athletic Wally and Wally Your Stripes, the character peeks out in both socks in a pose reminiscent of images of Martin Handford’s original creations.

The image of Wally on the socks is accompanied by his faithful dog, Woof but also Wally’s girlfriend, Wenda, joins the collection, being present in all the white and red sweaters, caps and, of course, the iconic round glasses.

Jimmy Lion and Universal Studios were also innovative in the pack. It is an original and fun packaging to open which makes it the perfect choice for those who cannot choose just one pair.

The collection is already available in stores and online on the official Jimmy Lion website.