The brand-new acclaimed edutainment series from the saga “Once upon a time…” co-produced by PROCIDIS and SAMKA in association with France televisions and hot, with the participation of RTS and TV5MONDE.

Procidis / Hello Maestro and Samka today announce the signing with Warner Bros. Discovery Italy of the series “Once Upon a Time… The Objects“, the new acclaimed edutainment series of the saga “Once Upon a Time… “.

In 2024, Maestro, our protean hero, returns with a new series – the 8th of the saga – dedicated to everyday objects, behind which (including those we can no longer see) lie a host of exciting and entertaining stories that Maestro will reveal.

Warner Bros. Discovery Italy will air the new series on the pay TV channel Boomerang and – for the free to air – on Cartoonito, the pre-school channel owned by Boing SpA, a joint venture RTI Mediaset and WarnerMedia (a WBD Company). “Once Upon a Time… The Objects” will be launched in the Italian market in the second semester of 2024, coinciding with the start of the school year.

Each object gives kids the opportunity to discover different fields of knowledge (History, Geography, Physics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy), and get to know how they have played a role in the History of Humankind and shaped the world in which we live … as well as that of tomorrow!

In a resolutely cartoonish and contemporary spirit “Once Upon a Time… The Objects” (78 x 7’) is dedicated to making learning FUN!

With rigorously accurate documentation, the series offers kids a form by which they are free to analyze themselves and thus retaining the information. Sciences too will be made more accessible especially when being applied!

A scientific committee certifies, validates and updates all the information contained in the episodes. Hot, co-producer, France Télévisions, RTS and TV5Monde are also on board for this new production.

“When I decided to make my first series, “Once Upon a Time…”, the challenge was to create a season that would enrich the saga, not eclipse it. I wanted broadcasters and viewers to see it as part of a 90-hour fresco. It had to remain first and foremost a public service, adapting to today’s media and audiences while remaining faithful to Maestro’s DNA and philanthropic values. We are proud to present “Once Upon a Time… The Objects”, the latest addition to the Hello Maestro saga.” Hélène Barillé, CEO and Producer of Procidis

“After discovering that every object hides a fabulous story, children will look at their everyday lives with fresh eyes. They’ll feel that knowledge is a source of pleasure.” Samuel Kaminka, CEO and Producer of Samka.